Platform of the MMM

Self-actualization is salvation.
Slogan: I know I am God. Now, I have to act like I know that I am God.

Vision: Inspire a grassroots-based personal paradigm-shift using daily acts of mindfulness. In doing so, a specific number of self-selected persons will systematically distribute highly-enriched mental food, designed to immediately empower consumers to gain possession of their own minds and change their behavior patterns at will.

Clean Glass Theory: Recognizing that all paths of self-cultivation lead to the same space of self-mastery, this group of assembled minds is not obsessed with the promotion of any one path to perfected self-cultivation. We seek to assist those who have selected a path to embody said path to the best of their ability; to become a clean glass of that path.

Basic Activity: Use the Love Letters Campaign as the first generator of interests/leads into this personal paradigm-shift. Once attracted, the self-selected one will be introduced to these concepts.

1) E + R = O. This is the basic mantra of the movement. The EVENT plus your RESPONSE equals the OUTCOME. In this manner, we wish to inspire participants to acknowledge and demonstrate the power inherent in their personality to affect change immediately between themselves and their environment.

2) Look for the Good Journaling exercise – our movement will develop a “scoresheet” for daily activity, where we count how many smiles inspired for the day, how many hugs were distributed, how much advice given, relationships repaired, etc.

3) Improvement of Diet – self-selected ones are conscious of diet, moving towards vegetarianism.

4) Creative Mental Practice – prayer/meditation, breathing/mindfulness, chanting, visualization – the variety of practices the Paths have generated

5) Experiment with Truth exercise – a challenge/experience which is aligned with one’s path of cultivation. An example would be the Love Letter Campaign.

6) Community Service – organized activities with economic impact, such as a soup kitchen or after-school arts program (nonprofit); must foster greater direct interaction with (so-called) poor persons