Dear Little Sister: My One Page Letter to Cyntoia Brown

This was written in pencil, which, I am taught, is what she has access too.



Peace. Proper education always corrects errors.

Dear Little Sister,

My name is Kokayi Nosakhere. I hope my letter reaches you, along with thousands of others. I shared your mailing address on my Facebook timeline. I watched it get shared. Floow through is always questionable, however, I think enough support for you exists for you to lean that we are paying attention.

I read about your case for several years. I was hoping the justice system actually worked; it disappointed me again. Inertia among human beings is difficult to change. We, who are organizers, are working on it.

Please do not choose to give up hope. You are still here. This is year 13 for you. I can only imagine how weary you are of the conditions around you.

Included is one of my Love Letters. I’ve been circulating them since 2016. I hope this one brings you some comfort.

Thank you for receiving this letter.

Kokayi Nosakhere aka Royal Star Allah





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