WANTED: Independent PoC-Driven Stories in Southern Oregon

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for choosing to open this fundraising email. I seek your financial assistance to amplify the voices of People of Color in Southern Oregon. Right now, I am doing my best to provide this service using a 10-months old relationship web. My name is Kokayi Nosakhere. I am a recently transplanted Alaskan journalist.


Why I am Knocking on Your Door

I know what it is like to be the only PoC in a newsroom. I cut my teeth in journalism, building Alaska Commons from a start up into a full-fledged, award-winning media outlet. In the course of our five year career (Spring 2012 to Spring 2017), I earned two Alaska Press Awards.

Because I like to implement solutions, not just report the problem, in late 2016, I turned my attention away from child hunger to anti-violence measures. For my efforts throughout 2017 in the most diverse neighborhoods in America, the Alaska chapter of the FBI gave me their 2018 Community Leadership Award.

Since February 2018, I have resided in Ashland, Oregon. I see a need. The voices of People of Color are absent from many valuable discussions here in the Rogue Valley. Last Friday’s Ashland Daily Tidings editorial is evidence towards this idea. It is my goal to develop a media outlet which amplifies the voices of People of Color in Southern Oregon.

Right now, Readership is rapidly expanding – December 2018 is the best month so far, outstripping the stats from October and November within 1o days. This is due directly to coverage of APD’s wrongful arrest of a young Black man on November 26.

I am beginning where I reside here in Ashland, however, I am open to traveling reporting where the stories are.


My Request from You:




I am asking for a $6000 investment from the Ashland community towards my efforts.

That means I am asking 600 persons to invest $10 a piece.

I seek to invest the money into maintaining three staff writers and a copy editor.

I seek to invest the money into securing graphic/web design assistance to upgrade the layout.

I seek to invest the money into branding the media outlet throughout the Rogue Valley.

For those seeking to know exactly what I am asking you to invest into here is a series of articles for you to read.

Coverage of APD’s Wrongful Arrest

Step by Step Guide for PoC to Survive a Police Encounter


Ashland Police Chief Meets with Community Leaders to Discuss Wrongful Arrest


Teaching a Black Child to be a Black Child in Southern Oregon


Mother Expresses Her Concerns About the Current Atmosphere in the Rogue Valley


Young Man Who was Arrested Releases a Written Statement



The Current Atmosphere in the Rogue Valley

Southern Oregon University Student Describes Her Experience of Being Black in Ashland


How to Avoid Feelings of White Guilt and Enter an Active Space of Engagement


Local Resident Explains in Detail Who and What Surrounds PoC in the Rogue Valley



Pointing Towards A Solution

The YWCA Has a National Program Being Used Successfully in Anchorage (3 part series)




If you would like to meet up with Kokayi Nosakhere to discuss business specifics, please choose to:

  1. Make a donation.
  2. Schedule via email: royalstar907@gmail.com

Thank you for choosing to watch this idea grow from start up into an influential Southern Oregon brand.


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