McInnes is Right: Please, Do Not Punch the Nazis

Words by Kokayi Nosakhere

With the mainstream media broadcasting President George W. H. Bush’s funeral, a statement from the leader of an avowed racist (so-called) White group may have slipped past you. It also helps to be on the Southern Poverty Law Center email listserv. Gavin McInnes, who gained national attention following the Charlottesville gathering, strongly advised the general public to “not punch a Nazi.”

I agree with McInnes. As a Black man in America, it does very little good for me to punish a Nazi person for choosing to openly present as a Nazi.

On the surface, my admonishment is viewed as counter-productive. It is a matter of immediate survival. What other option is available to the non-racist White person in America? Unless he or she has a visceral emotional reaction to the promotion and practice of racist acts, persons of color do not know the individual white person, whom they are bonded too, is a real ally. The atmosphere in the country is not conducive to clarity.


Remember Nia Wilson, the 19 year old knifed down by a white supremacist in the Bay Area? Post Civil Rights Movement, in the collective American mind, is what racism looks like: an irrational act of power. Influential personalities and civil rights icons like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, acknowledges the paradigm-shift Dr. King’s leadership and nonviolent confrontational tactics worked. In his lifetime, he’s witnessed the dominant culture grow from consistently producing unrepentant segregationists like Governor George Wallace to raising actors like Ben Affleck, who experience deep feelings of shame over seeing pictures of his immediate family members lacking the moral fortitude to resist participation in a lynching.


Good vs Bad Binary

Inside the collective White American mind, racism is associated – objectively – with a mind-set or attitude towards a person; a person, meaning, interchangeable with any other human being. It is the best association individualism culture can produce. Race is not real, especially when applied to Self. Dr. Robin DiAngelo argues, racism is a mind-set most individual White persons vehemently reject.

The identification is with human equality. The focus is on mechanical process. Thanks to social media, the reaction – individual to individual – to national news events is available. Under the Trump Administration, it feels like the progress demonstrated by President’s election in 2008 and re-election in 2012 evaporated. Equality and mechanical process does not inspire the internal work necessary to eradicate racist outcomes.

To the average (so-called) White person, the existence of race-based groups like The Proud Boys is a paradox, which defies rational thought. A desire to “get” what is animating such groups creates lecture and workshop opportunities for anti-racism experts like Tim Wise and Dr. Robin DiAngelo. Why? Racism doesn’t appear in alignment with self-preservation.

Yet, if the Proud Boys are listened too, they feel they are acting out of self-preservation and it is we, the general public, we are being brainwashed. Their tactics for arguing their points are tiresome to liberal-leaning ears. They land as conservative talking points- rather extreme talking points, but talking points not based in reality.

Or, a reality the politically correct liberal universities demand everyone abide by. This is why the “good” White people want to punch those falsely labelled “Nazis.”


Brainwashing of the Masses

From the White nationalist viewpoint, the Jewish manipulators use poverty-inducing machinations to keep the races fighting each other. They act as if it is racist for White Americans to have any self-esteem and state boldly their pride for building and living in America.

Just like the public school inculcated the Proud Boys, their understanding of American history is from the enlisted Daniel Shays’ viewpoint, not the plantation elitist George Washington’s. The only thing preventing a federal dictatorship is the existence of state level militia. In fact, the American people are already sold out to the Zionists puppet masters. They just don’t know it.

Punching a Nazi buys into the white nationalist marketing campaign. “See, we told you! You are hated because you are White. The media tries to make it seem like social gets better by replacing you. How is diversity measured? It is measured by how many people are not like you, a white Male, in the workplace. Where is your job? There is none for you, not because the economy is bad. See the news. The economy is booming. Oh, why don’t you have a job? It’s because, legally, businesses cannot give you a job. They have to make sure they hire a woman; or a Black person; or a transgender person; before they hire you. Otherwise, the businesses get sued. That’s de facto legal discrimination! Complain and the public celebrates the display of your white tears. The liberals want you to bow down and pay for historical crimes that neither you, nor I, are guilty of.”

Who speaks for White people in the age of forced racism? This question seems to echo into a power vacuum filled by the likes of Jordan Peterson. To be fair, the Canadian psychologist marvels at the attention his classroom lectures attract. The lack of guidance in the lives of young, American males is revealed by the thirst for the framework he espouses.


In Self-Defense

For those just learning, Peterson is a fierce opponent to the denigration of the Western intellectual/social tradition as inherently patriarchal and therefore tyrannical. He disagrees with the modern far-Left concepts of white privilege and cultural appropriation. He defends modern society as the purposes result of freedom-generated inequality.

Just like George Wallace-style segregationists, The Proud Boys do not view themselves as the bad guys. They view themselves as individuals attempting to feed, clothe and shelter themselves. Being able to label any White person who defends themselves from legal discrimination or disagrees with the far-Left and punching a Nazi is a hate crime in their worldview.

I’m not asking you to agree with them, I am asking you to take this into account when you engage said “moderate” white nationalists. Anything which smacks of an economic or emotional threat, is seen as fodder for the movement. Please tread lightly.

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