First Steps: Raising Awareness About Male Sexual Frustration

Juneau, Alaska’s Daniel “Loki” Darrah picked up his pen Friday morning and began with the following words, “This morning: with sex on my mind. I feel compelled to explain and apologize. I’ve had a long spell to reflect.”


Nice way to get your attention as a Reader, right? Not really. The rest of Darrah’s post explains. Before I let you read his words, I want to say that his is not an incel rant.


Darrah is a devout father, with four children living with him. (I offer this evidence as if the existence of blood children is proof of healthy sexual activity and should inspire acceptance and/or authority. Why? Societal programming is hard to overcome.)


My Truth
Darrah: “First i should explain where I’m coming from. My sexuality awoke at a very young age: no acting out, just aware of my sexuality and confused about it. 33 years have passed since then. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned.


Daniel “Loki” Darrah

Men are mostly sex driven, not just in the act, but the pursuit and drive. It gives us strength, or it destroys us. Too much, or not enough, equals about the same problem.

USA culture society is sick, with rape abuse and violence.

There is very little sex positivity, or basic psychology classes in grade schools. Now, add circumcision, which decreases sensitivity and three generations of dysfunctional family units, and the icing is on the cake.


The USA is one of the very few countries where prostitution is illegal.

Take a second to re-read that. Please.


Ok, moving on.

With the right partner, sexuality is beautiful and healthy. It has a crazy amount of health benefits and, personally, sex activity is an act of spiritual connection. But that’s not everyone. See, our society, hides breasts and covets monogamy.

Did you know, bare breasts calm even a gay man’s brain.

A lesson Learned
Falcor – my dog, my Buddy Head, RIP! – taught me. He was a pit/wolf albino hybrid. It was decided to leave him intact, meaning to not cut off his balls.


Well, that dog was nothing but a wonderful specimen of ripped, bulging muscle car-porcupine eating beast! With a Heart of gold! Over time, I watched the effects of sexual isolation had on him.

A couple of times, he bit his junk he was so frustrated. He would run across town and be gone for days in pursuit of accepting females. One year, poor Buddy Head lost his shit. A lot of damage done to structures, lots of blood, lots of vet bills. After, he went through some windows after female,  I called enough. I’d watched him suffer enough. So, we got Falcor fixed. What happened after, I will always regret.


Falcor aka Buddy Head at the height of his masculinity

He lost so much muscle. He became depressed. He very rarely ran, or hunted like he used to. Without the vigor of his manhood, he slowly wasted away. Now, I’ve seen this happen in men too. And sadly in myself.
Men need sex…

And the only trouble free offer is Porn. (Sigh)
But this, is not healthy, in any large amounts. It leads to further desensitization and unreal expectations on both sides.

(My Apologies. I’ve never forced anyone. Cause it’s wrong!!! And destroys people. I’ve seen good men break from lack of sex, but they never crossed that line. But, I’ve known of many lesser men who did. Many women and men never recovered.

Why write about all this? Because awareness is the first steps in the right direction.
And I can’t apologize to the friends I’ve lost because my open sexuality made them too uncomfortable. Reboot reload rewire never ever retire.


Thanks for the read would love to hear your thoughts.


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