Halloween and the Display of White Tribal Behavior

Words by Kokayi Nosakhere

It’s Halloween. New rules are in effect. These new rules amount to a new social standard. But, being culture, you have to be in the know to know the new standard. Obviously, there are some prominent persons in America who are not in the know.


Because those of us who are calling for this new rule do not have the power of physical or legal enforcement, we must use more subtle ways to reinforce the new social standard we have chosen to agree too. Every year, persons of color tell – um, beg – (so-called) White people not to caricature their culture, like their more openly racist forefathers did. This request is considered the standard now. When (so-called) White people choose not to abide by this, well . . .the tactics of reinforcement of this new standard are swift and very changeable.


The Blackface Controversy

Poor Megyn Kelly. Ouch. Living in Dr. King America is harder than reading about the changes Dr. King advocated.


On a marketing tip, the third week in October was not a good week for white racial relations. The “brand” keeps taking a beating.


Thursday morning felt like I awoke to a psychological weather storm, manufactured on purpose by a fundamental refusal to accept truth.


On Tuesday, October 23, on the NBC-distributed daytime talk show, Megyn Kelly Today, the 47 year old former Fox News anchor created a social media buzz when she questioned whether a white child wearing “blackface” for Halloween is offensive.


Ed Gein of Plainfield, Wisconsin


The answer is a resounding yes. However, in 2018, this is a serious question.


By blackface, we are not talking about encircling the eyes so that the Batman mask is more movie-like. Nor, are we speaking about blackface being the basis of a much larger idea, like a unicorn or fantasy character.


We mean, dressing up like Diana Ross, or, using red face, and dressing up like Crazy Horse.


So sticky is this issue, White parents are asking the same questions around the popularity of the Black Panther movie. Their children are equally inspired and seek to dress up as T’Challa.


Personally, I think mask-based outfits are a non-question, as Black children have dressed up like Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk for decades. Of course, a (so-called) White child can dress up as the Black Panther.


Halloween costumes would not be controversial if it wasn’t for the history of “black face” and “redface” in America. (I am not going to take the time to relate them here. I am going to assume that you have access to the internet, as you are accessing this editorial. Use google. It even has images, so you won’t think #FakeNews. Instead, think American history.)


Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Ms. Kelly has stepped onto the electrifying third rail of American politics: the culture wars. In 2013, she waded into the cultural wars by affirming Jesus Christ and the winter festival character, Santa Claus, was-is-and-shall-always-be white. (Talk about white nationalism!)


Five years later, within 48 hours, NBC’s Megyn Kelly was done worse than Roseanne Barr. Gone. Make one statement against the politically correct culture of America and the “white woman” loses a $69 million career, well kinda. She gets to keep the money. She loses the platform.


Poor (so-called) White America.


Breaking with Tradition

Yes. I am going to tell you a truth. In telling you this truth, I am breaking one of the taboos of my tribe: Don’t tell White people the truth. White people cannot handle the Truth. (As evidence, please follow this link to the opening scene to the first episode of Boondocks.)


Colonialism is one heaven of a drug. My dear (so-called) white friends and family, the non-white masses of America do not see you the way that you promote, advertise and market yourselves to be. Against your will, you are viewed through the same lens as the people of color view themselves.


To expect persons of color to view you through a lens other than their lived experience and social position is to ask of them what you are unable to demand from yourself.


Technically, it is the textbook definition of colonialism to act from the belief that everyone on the planet is being human the exact same way that you are.


The Left Has the Same Problem

Unfortunately, this is not a problem just plaguing Fox News kool-aid drinkers. Senator Elizabeth Warren touched the third rail with an answer to Trump’s DNA challenge. (Who is she paying for advice?) As if this controversy wasn’t put to rest the last time she ran, in 2012.


On Monday, October 15, she released her DNA results. The public reaction wasn’t what she expected. Showing the same naivete that Hillary Clinton does, Warren expected the release of her records to rally persons of color to her side, as an ally. Her supporters could point to the test and say, she has real skin in the game, so to speak. After all, she is seeking her second term as Senator from Massachusetts.


The problem is the Native genocide and the lack of DNA available due to the systematic murder of Native persons. The idea that the DNA record book is incomplete did not enter the minds of Warren’s staff.


Nor did the idea that blood quantum and its devastating effects on identity-creation inside Native psychology make her “release” look like a political stunt, instead of an affirmation of self.


Reminds me of a joke. “What do you call 64 white people in a room? One Cherokee!”


Before you call me racist for telling that joke, did you hear about the 51 year old white man who killed two Black men inside a Kentucky Kroger grocery store? Seems, casually killing Black people scares any White person who happens to be in the area. The White man reassured a second white man, “Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.”


Now, that’s racist. And, very White American tribe.


He was arraigned today in Louisville on a $5 million bail. If the pattern holds up, he will raise that in a week using GoFundMe.


It is this kind of behavior, which demonstrates a pattern to people of color. To us, White people act like a tribe, no matter the slogans and commercials saying otherwise.


Why not go to Halloween as Ed Gein? He was white and his crimes were all against White people.


P.S. If you do not know who Ed Gein is, after all of his contributions to American horror, we failed you in your public education. Think, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface. Get it?

Gein made bowls out of skulls he dug from graves. He drank from them and ate soup from them.

One thought on “Halloween and the Display of White Tribal Behavior

  1. I am a white person, and I LOVE this article!

    Growing up in the 70’s and 70’s, I grew up with racial jokes and slurs coming from the adults in my life; I wasn’t allowed to make them, but had many times been told under no uncertain terms that dating outside my race was unacceptable and with an ongoing commentary that Hispanics “come to ‘our’ country, impregnate young white girls (who then marry them) to gaint their citizenship. Bullsh**.

    Things ARE changing, and mindsets are changing, a little at a time; some slower than others, unfortunately, but we ARE changing our thought patterns and becoming aware of our biases and how they contribute to the structure of power in this country.

    With bold essays like this, mindsets will continue to change… and for those of the older generations, frankly, they’ll be dead soon and won’t be around to taint our younger white generation with their bigotry.

    Stay strong, and thank you!


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