An Appeal to the Grassroots of Alaska

Words by Joni Bruner, Alaska Grassroots Alliance Co-Founder


Let me state up front that I am not a politician. I am not a paid protester. I have seen them. They eat, sleep and breathe Washington, D.C.


I do not eat, sleep and breathe Washington, D.C. I live in South Anchorage. I eat, sleep and breathe, Alaska. So, if you are looking for something sophisticated, some public policy breakdown, we have people who can do that for you, but that is not me. What I do is talk to people, regular people. I explain to them what is at stake and, then, I ask them to participate. That is what I am doing here, I am asking you to participate.


Alyse Galvin needs our vote.


Am I biased? Yes, yes, I am. I am biased on purpose, I am an American. That is what we Americans do, we form a bias and then work our tails off to make it a living reality. I am biased towards democracy. I am biased towards due process. I am biased towards protesting. I am biased towards vigorous debate. I am biased towards compromise. I am biased towards unity over divisions. I am biased and I am unapologetically biased. I think my biases work for America.


Don’t troll me. I think that is a term the young people use. It means those people who get in your comments just to ferment trouble. They aren’t trying to really engage. They aren’t trying to make up their minds with new information or an alternative perspective. They want to hate. Don’t do that. We really don’t have a lot of time for that kind of behavior, anyways, but, please don’t do that to me. I don’t deserve it.


I co-founded Alaska Grassroots Alliance because I wanted to bring people together, not tear people apart. I kept seeing all of these small groups doing wonderful work. But, no one was talking to each other and coordinating activities. We all believe that if we work together we get more things done. So, AGA, that’s our acronym for Alaska Grassroots Alliance, has put people together issue by issue, different groups at a time.


Right now, I believe every Alaskan should vote for Alyse Galvin. Here’s why:


First, she is a woman. Did I tell you I was biased? I am. Seriously. When I go to D.C., I don’t visit Dan Sullivan’s office. Well, I did once. Once. You know why? Because once I got there, all I saw were men. All men. No women. And, all white men. That is not the America I want to live in. I want to live in an America where everyone has an equal opportunity to self-actualize.


On the contrast, when I go into Lisa Murkowski’s office, I see men and women. She’s Republican. I’m not. She being Republican doesn’t seem to stop her and I from living in the same vision of America. She and I have a relationship. I visit her office often. Do you see where I am going with this?


I think Alyse can do the same, as a Democrat in the House of Representatives what Lisa is doing in the Senate.


Secondly, term limits. You probably didn’t expect me to say that, huh? How long has Don Young been in office? Alaska has only been a state since 1959. Young’s been in office since the state was 14 years old. At what point do we thank him for building the Greatland, name a whole bunch of things after him, and sit him down? He’s 85 years old. Shouldn’t he be mentoring the next class of Alaskan statesmen and stateswomen?


Lastly, Alyse is qualified. Like Don Young, she has helped build our great state, too. We can thank her for networking our children in Bush Alaska, enhancing their educational experience.


This year we are getting national attention. We Alaskans seem to be talked about on the national level a lot these days – these years. Or, for as long as I have been involved we seem to be talked about on the national level. Let’s not waste this opportunity. We can use this moment to make some critical decisions for our state.


Can you imagine an all woman congressional delegation from Alaska? I can. I want to see that become a living reality. Electing Alyse Galvin to the House of Representatives is the second step towards making this happen. We did the first step when we re-elected Lisa.


When you go to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, remember, we live in Alaska. We are not the Lower 48. We do things differently here. Alyse Galvin is the leadership we need here in the Last Frontier.


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