Guidance to Prevent a Second Civil War in America

PERHAPS, LIKE ME, RIGHT now, you are having a hard time coping with what is going on. Everything is scary, with one-third of Americans believing a second civil war at our door steps.

A Week of Rising Tensions
On Thursday afternoon (June 28, 2018), I logged into Facebook and became shocked as I learned of yet another mass shooting in America. Five persons reportedly lost their lives inside the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland. Several more are injured.
This heinous act, comes at the end of a tense day – I mean week. The morning began with riot police breaking up protests in Portland, Oregon outside the ICE detention center. On Wednesday, Former Breitbart editor and popular “far-right” personality, Milo Yiannopoulous directed a threat at the New York Observer’s Davis Richardson, a reporter. His statement follows the lead of the President of the United States of America, who held a rally in South Carolina, the same day, where a CNN reporter was heckled with curse words. Monday and Tuesday were occupied with the President’s social media fight with Rep. Maxine Waters over her now viral comments asking the American people to use Saul Alinsky tactics against White House staff members, who spent the weekend being forced out of restaurants.
Nor does it appear the tension is going to lessen as national protests are planned on Saturday (June 30, 2018) to address the Southern Texas border crisis, where entire families of “illegal aliens” are being detained and separated.
We are now experiencing average Americans, not just public officials, erupt into open displays of anger and frustration over public policy like Hawaii’s volcanoes. Consequently, those of us who choose to remain in the life-affirming structures of love and tolerance become more and more valuable. We are the lighthouses the ships that are at sail in a stormy ocean are seeking guidance from.


Three Simple Steps
I am a community organizer, who has earned two Alaska Press Awards. This year, I earned recognition from the Alaska branch of the FBI for my efforts in 2017 addressing gun violence in Mt. View, a neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska and the most ethnically diverse neighborhood in America. After 20 years of engaging in political-based conflict, I think I know something about resolving it. Please receive these few recommendations.
1) Choose to heal. Unless we tend to our own selves and maintain our projection of resolve to do good, we will fall victim to the trauma which surrounds us. Victim stance is temporary. It is not meant to be our living space. So, we must choose to continuously clean our own glass in order to make drinking from our personalities a healthy experience.
By consciously engaging in spiritual practices, like prayer and meditation, we are able to maintain a positive mental attitude. A positive thought is three times more powerful than a negative thought.
2) Believe there are others who want to heal. This is the suggestion that I struggle with, especially after a political debate. It appears the “other side” just doesn’t want to listen to what I consider to be reasonable arguments for freedom, justice and equality. Yet, the narrative I tell myself is a boldface LIE.
Everyday, we see men and women waking up to the reality that they possess the power of choice and can co-create any human interaction that they desire – independent of societal programming or norms. We are human beings and BEING is essential. The outcomes we wish to see in the world are produced by how we choose to treat each other. We all want love, appreciation and the opportunity to shine our genius; it is the only PROVEN method of solving our own problems.
3) Build a community of healed persons. For those with eyes to see, this American moment of divine discomfort is here to serve us. It is here to SHOW us where each of us are along our paths of growth and development. When you see someone who is struggling with the same issues of self-acceptance and self-action as you feel that you are struggling with, please choose to consciously bond with them. As our society re-aligns along shared polarities, we will see an emergence of harmony out of this chaos that will give the discomfort that we feel right now that elusive human experience of CLARITY.

Join the Love Letter Campaign
While listening to the rhetoric Mr. Trump used on the campaign trail, in April 2016, I saw the negatively charged space we are currently inside of coming down the track. Thoughts are things and must seek the nearest physical equivalent, unless counteracted by an equal or greater force we call compassion. That is why I started The Love Letter Campaign.
Since then, I have singlehandedly circulated over 4000 said letters. I want, and need, to circulate more. I need your help. Please follow this link to add your money and energy to this campaign:
I, Kokayi, am here with you also. I choose the experience of compassion, where I will enter your pain to uplift you or enter your joy to expand it. And, if I happen to fail you, please choose to give me another chance. In that manner, I will learn how to love you the way you wish to be loved.
If you need any further assistance, I’ll be in the community tomorrow inspiring the distribution of Love Letters. Apparently, said campaign is needed now more than ever.


2 thoughts on “Guidance to Prevent a Second Civil War in America

  1. This was beautifully said, And healing. I fear I do not have your grace of spirit, but I will try to cultivate it, because the alternative is despair and that won’t help anyone. This has been a trying and bitter few days.


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