M.U.S.I.C.: A Five Percenter Column

Words by Dominique Cowell aka “Universal Knowledge Allah”

PEACE TO MAN, WOMAN,and child. Peace to all the human families of the Planet Earth.

I would like to first think my Righteous brother Royal Star Allah for providing a platform which one can express his mind with the intention of helping educate the masses. May my words serve as a source of inspiration as well as information. Peace.

The reality of what we are now clearly seeing is the direct manifestation of a nation which was built from the fruits of lies, greed, death, and destruction: the systematic murder of innocent Black people, by what can only be logically described as racist police officers; which is an extension of a theme of treatment of Blacks as second hand citizens for over 400 years in this country.

America would, and could, not have been so powerful if not for amassing wealth through centuries of free labor: forced labor that came about with added horrors such as rape, torture, separation from family, and of course outright murder. Murdered for being taken from the homeland and forced to learn a new language,culture, and religion: a religion that taught them that they were to serve their master unconditionally.

To work for long hours on land stolen from the Native people, who just so happened to also be Original people; who in most places looked similar to the slaves; who were slaughtered by the millions, like livestock; and forced to walk thousands of miles to new areas like herding cattle; given liquor and guns to turn on one another so eventually, more land was taken.

Now begins the making of this nation.

A nation whose sins have come back to haunt us all. Why? Because the thought of independence and freedom is, in my opinion, an illusion which many are now able to see.

When 400 years of negative ways and means to function and exist are now being questioned by those being tricked, action is the only logical reaction. Whether the action is negative or positive, there will be one. As crazy as it may seem, it’s simple mathematics.

Allow me to explain. First think about this quote from Will Durant:”a great civilization is not conquered from without, until it has destroyed itself from within.”

This nation is the pinnacle of Western civilization. As with all past great civilizations, the past transgressions of this nation now are deeply affecting us all daily. Our psyche collectively is in disarray. Turmoil caused by overwhelming emotion is spilling out into the streets.

Those who do not realize that the energy of the past has finally caused a toxic explosion in the minds of many. I sympathize with you. For your blindness is part of the reason why things are unfolding in the manner they are.

Whites as a whole steadfastly refused to admit that the sins of colonial imperialism, which whites have greatly benefited from. They have repeatedly calls blacks and other original people to vocalize their disdain for the obvious Spirit of white supremacy which has crippled the pursuit of true social equality.

Some even come up with all kinds of ill proven data, suggesting that minorities are lazy or unwilling to succeed. That minorities have adequate means to achieve. However it has been proven that there clearly exist disadvantages, which serve as speed bumps to those desperately striving to excel; such as inadequate funding to schools, or even public services, such as clean water and also the effects of gentrification.

Blacks are becoming frustrated and now are seeking solutions on their own accord. Speaking up and out to Institute change. Aware that this may in fact be, as the saying goes, the straw that broke the camel’s back! Tired of being lied too by politicians who promise change and actually have the means to do so but somehow always fall short to produce lasting results – not temporary results.

Because Black and Brown parents are now forced to have conversations with their children on how to come home alive, and are now outraged because less than 50 and 60 years ago their parents or Grandparents were having the same conversation!!! Thereby showing and proving the grasp of white privilege which is an extension of colonial imperialism, that has directly proven to be a burden to generation after generation of black and brown people in this country.

A country where a person running for president can make cowardly suggestions: like building a wall to keep out people who ancestors once ruled most of the land we call the West Coast hundreds of thousands of years before Colonial imperialism. Our government allows this person to run for president of the United States of America. And of course this person was elected president of the United States of America.

Well, wait a minute, this is a pattern which we cannot ignore. For we already had a presidential candidate who was openly racist, David Duke. Though he was not elected, he did run twice: once as a Democrat and once as a Republican; and got votes in the primaries in 1988 and 1992. Politicians, like these people, illustrate that some whites don’t even view minorities as equal citizens and thereby support the ideology of white privilege and white dominance. And we have people who are elected officials making the laws of our countries with these toxic ideologies.

How can we as Black and Brown – original people – reasonably expect to remain quiet and humble? Only a fool would do so!! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Are you insane? For years we have protested peacefully, tucking our tails to no avail.
THOSE DAYS ARE OVER AMERICA, so to all please prepare for a different existence. This is the reality of a world Empire on the brink of self-destruction. Never forget, no world Empire has remained on top forever. What we are witnessing today is the unraveling of layers of systems implemented to keep a segment of the population down, while others benefit from such oppression.

To those still asleep, please wake up. It doesn’t take much. Open minds, eyes, and hearts. Be willing to research freely and confront findings that may indeed make you uncomfortable.

White was openly acknowledged how white privilege does in fact exist and plays a significant part of the separation that exists. This separation was in place since it was decided to make slaves and steal land. It will be hard, b.u.t. only truth can crush a lie.

Blacks and Browns, we must first learn to love ourselves. This means we have to stop killing and hurting each other. This only shows and proves that we don’t care inadvertently allowing and attitude of cross Violence by whites. We must have been in the distribution of harmful drugs in and around our communities. There is no future in this behavior, it only allows us to be placed in more chains.

Blacks must educate ourselves to our true history before slavery. The school systems won’t do it, so we must. This helps our morale and purpose knowing that we descend from greatness – a greatness which is responsible for the very existence of humanity. This is the single most important way to conquer white supremacy. To be able to correctly dis-spell all the falsehoods taught for hundreds of years to imply that blacks are inferior and thereby deserve to be treated wrong.

Lastly, as we attempting to resolve these wrongdoings and make peace: which is our true nature. We must unite to build social economic systems of our own so that if things don’t work out, and they probably won’t, we will be able to be self-sustained and provide for our families.                               



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