Ashland: Are We Ready for a Movement?

IT IS TIME. Or, at least, it feels like it is time.

On April 20, 2018, I earned my state’s FBI Director’s Community Leadership award – I just choose not to take the FBI up on the offer to be flown to Washington, D.C. for the ceremony.

Last year (2017), in response to gun violence inside of the Mountain View neighborhood, I provided the labor for a grassroots organization to come into being. It never developed past the ad hoc level on purpose. It provided low-income parents an introductory lesson in the political process and how to fashion a neighborhood-wide outreach program. Over the summer, four family days, complete with enough food to feed 300 people, were held. The news documented our success.


Considering the actual fact that I consider the work I do obligatory, the fulfillment of the oath I took on October 16, 1995 at the Million Man March, accepting the award from the FBI didn’t feel right. Peacemaking is the work. It happens within Self first and then is expressed in the community.

I view all the campaigns I get involved in through that lens: I took an oath to become my best Self. The Love Letters I write out by hand are an attempt by me to find those who resonate with the message that all is not lost. Humanity is not destined for eternal strife. We are evolution; thoughts becoming flesh.

Two years ago, as the Trump Presidential campaign dominated the national conversation, I decided to livicate (Rastafarian term) my birthday to the creation of the antidote. I took out a legal sheet of yellow paper and wrote out these words.


Dear Beloved,

Thank you for choosing to receive this handwritten expression of Love. I believe more life-affirming letter like these need to circulate throughout America, elevating our collective consciousness. This spiritual practice promotes healing from the inside out.

Please choose to remind yourself:

I am the Love vibration.

I am peace personified.

I am joy radiating outward.

I am growth fully supported.

These four affirmations are Truth activated inside your consciousness. As you choose to identify with these affirmations you will see them manifest in your life and the lives of others.

It is called healing. I choose to be a part of my own healing. I invite you to be a part of your own healing. Let’s choose to heal together.

The first 300 Love Letters were handed out randomly, using my intuition as a guide. I put them on bus stop benches, in car jams, porch steps, bathroom stalls. I did what came natural. The second set of 300, I decided to decorate the envelope and announce what I was doing via my Facebook page. That got the word out past Anchorage, Alaska. (I was a lifelong Alaskan until February of 2018.) I started to use the mail system to circulate the letters, through faith, past what I could do within the limitation of my physical body. Through Facebook videos, I shared the idea with those who respond better to voice and facial expression than dry words on a screen. For the third set of 300, mostly distributed by mail, I started to number the envelopes. Two years later, I am now over 4200.

Consider the work I did Phase One of this project. It was seeding the idea firmly in the minds of my fellow Americans, testing to see if the idea could catch. Now that I am out of Alaska, it is time for Phase Two.

What is Phase Two? Phase Two is: inspiration. It is me finding those who can catch the VISION embedded in this words.

America is in flux. We have losing touch with the high ideals of our democracy. The ideals are there; that is not the problem. The problem is that our society has not DEVELOPED those persons with the capacity to implement the high ideals first within Self and second within others. We think of ourselves as individuals cut off and disconnected. This must change.

Hence, this Love Letter campaign. I would like your assistance. Here is what I propose.

  1. Reach out to me and accept the challenge of receiving a Love Letters. For this movement to become a movement and have that elusive thing called power, you and I must choose to embody the philosophy communicated in this letter. Thoughts are things. For these thoughts to become you, you must gain possession of your own mind. Invest these four affirmations into yourself and then do the extremely brave thing of living them out.
  2. Imagine who in your network agrees with this philosophy and wants to inspire friends and family members to gain possession of their own minds and develop the capacity to meet the high ideals of America. Secure additional copies of this letter and share it with them. (I normally hand out 7 letters to one person. The advice is to keep one letter for Self and to share the other six within your network.)
  3. No movement in America is successful within monetary exchange. We must change our relationship to dollars. Please choose to finance this effort by making a $10 donation via our GoFundMe campaign. (Follow the hyperlink, please.) Or, you can give me ONE DOLLAR directly when I physically connect with you. And, I want to connect with you.
  4. Lastly, begin talking about what we are doing – you and I. A movement lives and breathes in the imagination of those who participate in the movement.


This is as simple as it is complex. I have seen some of the craziest ideas start off in the midst of a tremendous amount of opposition – adversity – only to be embraced as genius later by the very ones who ridiculed said idea in the beginning stages. This movement can do the same.

Ashland, Oregon has the opportunity to be the seed ground of a movement, using the pen and paper method, to evolutionize the thinking of 320 million Americans.

Are you up for the challenge of becoming a clean glass? I raised my hand on October 16, 1995. I might cry all kinds of tears if I stood before Minister Louis Farrakhan right now, however, I can say, “Sir, I have not yet taken my hand down.”

Let us build a world which works for (almost) everyone.

Words by Kokayi Nosakhere


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